Uncategorized April 17, 2024

Don’t Let A Sewer Line Problem Interrupt Your Spa Day

As REALTORS we know you never want to get THAT CALL. You know the one where your buyer has discovered an unexpected issue related to the main sewer line after they moved into their new home. This disaster can be prevented by a simple sewer camera inspection when you schedule your home inspection.

The main sewer line is a “buyer beware” and due diligence responsibility on the home buyer. The seller may not have even been aware of the trouble brewing beneath their lovely lawn.  A sewer camera inspection is a nominal investment that can uncover hidden issues that are important to the deal. If an issue shows up during your contingency period you have options:

  1. Understand the Scope of the Issue: Not every blocked sewer line is a worst-case scenario. With the information from your sewer camera inspection, you can understand the extent of the issue. A plumber may be able to quickly isolate the potential blockage and remove it with the price of a service call or it can be a more expensive issue to address.
  2. Assess the Situation: Time is your friend when negotiating a home purchase. The important thing is you are aware of the extent of the issue and can plan your next steps.
  3. Negotiate Repair Costs. You have the option to negotiate repair costs with the seller. It is important to bring the parties together to discuss the scope of repairs and who will cover the costs.  Circumstances will determine if you’re willing to move forward or if you can now negotiate repair costs as a part of your purchase deal.
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